Three Reasons Why A Dog Makes A Great Companion

Three Reasons Why A Dog Makes A Great Companion

Anybody who owns a dog will tell you that they are so much more than just a pet. A dog is a companion, a friend, and possibly the best addition you could make to your family. Dogs really do deserve the title of ‘man’s best friend’, as they bring so much joy to your life if you own one.

Whether you live on your own or have a large family, there are so many benefits to adding a dog to your household, Perhaps you’ve been considering getting a dog for some time but you haven’t quite made your mind up yet, or maybe somebody in your family has been pestering you for a puppy but you have yet to relent.

To help give you that little push to make the right decision, let’s run through three reasons why a canine best friend might just be the best companion you could wish for.

They’re good for your health

Having a dog in your life is really great for both your physical and mental health, with dog owners getting sick far less frequently than those who do not have a furry canine companion.

The health benefits of owning a dog are endless, from lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and a stronger immune system to actually increasing survival rates following a heart attack. This article from Harvard Health looks into the relationship between owning a dog and cardiovascular health.

We spoke to Aylesbury Vets who told us “it’s truly remarkable how those with chronic health conditions or personal traumas such as bereavement find they cope better if they own a dog, and the positive effect dogs have on people with mental health problems cannot be ignored”.

And of course walking your dog regularly will improve your personal fitness levels, which in turn helps to keep you healthy.

They help you socialise

For people who feel isolated or lonely having a dog is a great help. Not only are dogs, of course, a source of comfort themselves, and a positive loving companion to have around, but they help you to get out and meet and interact with other people too.

Dogs are a great conversation starter, and dog lovers will already have something in common so hitting it off becomes that much easier. Plus you will often find that you may be on the same walking schedule as other dog walkers in your area, so the frequency with which you bump into each other can help build connections quickly.

A simple walk in the park can help you to make plenty of new friends, or even meet someone special.

They keep you safe

Dogs have incredible intuition and can often literally sniff out danger. From alerting you to intruders, fires in your home, or even sniffing out cancer, there are countless tales of dogs keeping their owners safe from harm.

We hope this has given you the inspiration and insight you need to finally add a dog to your family, as they really do have so much love to give and we believe that everybody could benefit greatly from a canine companion!

Three Reasons Why A Dog Makes A Great Companion