Before You Buy a Dog Make Sure You’re Ready

bringing home new dog

Doesn’t everyone want to own a dog? Dogs are wonderful companions for adults and children alike. Before you purchase a dog as a pet, you have to make sure you and your household is prepared to take care of them.

Your way of life should help determine what type of dog is a good fit for you. Dog breeds vary and you should find a pooch that makes fits into your daily lifestyle. If you are active, then a medium or large dog would make more sense since they can keep up with you on a fast-paced walk or run. If you prefer to stay home, a smaller dog would likely be a better choice so you two can sit on the couch together and watch TV. You and your new friend will be a lot happier when you select a pet that meshes with your personality.

Outside of going to a pet store, consider contacting your local pet shelter. There are plenty of dogs locked in animal shelters who need love and attention. Dogs are not inexpensive pets. There is obviously Dog Supplies such as food, water, shelter, pen or dog run, doghouse and veterinary bills. Speak with your vet to determine the right kind of food for your dog. Health care for pets can be thousands of dollars so you may want to consider buying pet health insurance to cut down on your bills. Make sure that your pet has annual physicals and is up to date with their shots.

Get your home ready for your new pet. You want to ensure that you provide a safe environment for your pet too. Ensure that all toxic chemicals, medicine and things that may harm your pet are put away.

Your new dog should have plenty of opportunity to exercise. Take your dog for regular walks and even take him or her to the dog park to meet other dogs. If you are not able to walk your dog then hire a dog walker so they get their daily exercise. Train your pet to fetch the newspaper and other activities around the house. These activities will make your dog happy and keep his mental functions at a high level.

Make sure to get your dog groomed regularly. A professional dog groomer will wash your dog, trim your dog’s nails, cut any excess hair and comb them if needed. There are usually dog groomers in your local area or you can ask a pet store if they have any recommendations.

At all times remember that you are the only one who is in charge for the taking care of your dog. If you follow the tips in this article, you’ll ensure that you will take great care of your pet. You can help both you and your pet to have a great life.